Cross Country Ski Holidays Country: Chiemgau Germany

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XC skiing in Ruhpolding

Cross Country Highlights

  • Cross-country skiing at 3 altitudes, between 400 and 1300 m above sea level
  • Daily perfectly groomed cross country trails
  • Annual event: biathlon World Cup Ruhpolding in the Chiemgau Arena

Cross-country skiing in Chiemgau in Bavaria
The 775 km of cross-country ski trails of various difficulties are prepared daily for hobbyists and athletes. The trails run from the flat north through the hilly and mountainous scenery in the south of the Chiemgau region, where professional athletes often do their training.

Cross-country ski holidays in Chiemgau
Thanks to the ideal height of up to 1300 m above sea level, this region in the Alpine foothills has a long winter season from December through to April. The Chiemgauloipe for example is especially snow sure, and borders directly onto the ski area of Winklmoosalm-Steinplatte. This 25 km trail is a rather challenging section of the marathon ski trail. The Sachenbacher-Hütte is a good spot next to the trail to stop for a short break to re-energise.

Cross-country ski trails in Chiemgau in Bavaria
The longest cross-country ski trail in the region, the Marathonloipe, is 35 km long and links Inzell, Ruhpolding and Reit im Winkl. It is prepared both for classic and skating skiers. The “3-Lake-Loipe”, a section of the Marathonloipe, is especially charming, taking you through the nature conservation area and alongside the Weit, Mitter, and Lödensee lakes.

Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding in Germany
As far back as 1979, Ruhpolding became internationally known as the venue for the first biathlon World Championships. Tens of thousands of visitors come every year to the Chiemgau Arena to cheer on the biathlon elite as they compete for World Cup points.

Ice Skating in Inzell
In Chiemgau you can find Bavarians exclusive indoor ice skating hall named „Max Eicher Arena“. Due to the extraordinary architecture and use of only natural light the unique arena is known worldwide. You can enjoy amazing views to the surroundings, mountains and to the lake Zwingsee.

Trail area Chiemgau

Trail area Chiemgau


775km thereof:
  • Skating 368 km
  • Special night trails 26 km
  • Trails with artificial snowmaking 15 km

Prices & Service

The local tourism office will give you information about the current cross country ski ticket prices.

  • free ski bus
  • Chiemgau Arena
  • Biathlon

Further information

  • Trail altitude

    400 m - 1300 m

  • Resort altitude

    350 m - 1100 m

  • Cross country season

    Begin of December - End of March

Cross-country skiing in Chiemgau

Since Bavaria’s first cross-country ski trail was prepared in the 60s, the Chiemgau region has developed into one of the top venues for cross-country skiing and biathlon. There are 775 km of daily prepared cross-country ski trails of all levels of difficulty for hobbyists and athletes, with trails taking you from the flatter North to the hilly, or mountainous terrain of the southern Chiemgau region where professional sports people often do their training.


Cross-country ski schools & rentals

Langlauf & Skatingschule Ruhpolding

Langlauf & Skatingschule Ruhpolding

83319 Ruhpolding

+49 (0) 86 63 / 80 08 82

  • Nordic Walking
  • Cross Country Adventure Tour
  • Snowshoe hikes
Sport Hochreiter

Sport Hochreiter

Schwimmbadstr. 12

83334 Inzell

+49 (0) 8665 / 1246

  • Rent
  • Nordic Fitness
Hausberg Ski- und Snowboardschule

Hausberg Ski- und Snowboardschule

Langlaufschule Reit im Winkel - Sport Dorner

Langlaufschule Reit im Winkel - Sport Dorner

Snowshoeing in Chiemgau (c) Chiemgau Tourismus e.V

Winter sports in the region

  • Biathlon in the Chiemgau Arena
  • 11 mapped snowshoe tours
  • Indoor ice rink - Max Aicher Arena

Biathlon in the Chiemgau

The Chiemgau is the right address for biathletes: handling a biathlon small-bore weapon can be learned under the instructions of a biathlon coach. This is followed by shooting at original bobbing targets at the World Cup facility.


Snowshoe hiking in the Chiemgau

The Chiemgau offers snowshoe hikers many possibilities to fully enjoy the beautiful landscape. 11 mapped tours can be explored individually or accompanied by an experienced guide.

Easy tours:

  • Seegatterl – Winklmoos Alm
  • Klausenberg tour
  • Achendamm trail
  • Muckklausen circular route
  • Hausberg tour via Eckkapelle and Hutzenalm
  • Wössner stream and Lake Wössner
  • Around Wasen
  • Panorama trail

Intermediate tours

  • Mühlau Raised Bog– Benzeck - Loferauen

Difficult tours:

  • Blindau – Klausenberg – Demelalm – Benzeck – Loferauen

 The equipment can be hired from the local sports shops.

Ice sports in the Chiemgau

Whether curling, ice hockey or ice skating; you can enjoy all these winter sports in the region in a stunning natural setting.

Inzell is known for ice skating. The 400 metres lane in the Max Aicher Arena is an international competition and training centre for ice speed skating stars. Ice sportsmen and woman can also enjoy the indoor ice rink and outdoor ice rinks in Ruhpolding.

Ice skates can be hired on site.

Events in the region

© Cross Country Ski Holidays

Biathlon Weltcup Ruhpolding

2017-01-10 - 2017-01-15

Vom 10.01. bis 15.01.2075 - Terminverlegung durch die IBU vorbehalten - wird die Biathlonelite an fünf Wettkampftagen in der Ruhpoldinger Chiemgau Arena wieder um Weltcuppunkte kämpfen. Ruhpolding in den Chiemgauer Alpen ist seit Jahrzehnten eine wichtige Station im Biathlon-Weltcup.

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© Cross Country Ski Holidays

Chiemgau Team Trophy 2015

2017-01-28 - 2017-01-29

In groups together with friends, family or colleagues you can participate at this event. Enjoy cross skiing along the amazing landscapes of Chiemgau and have fun.

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Chiemgau Tourismus e.V.

Haslacher Straße 30
83278 - Traunstein
T: +49 861 9095900

Cross-country ski experts

Tobias Angerer
former German cross country ski racer

I especially like training in my hometown of Traunstein on the cross-country ski trail which has been named after me. The 13 km, moderately difficult Tobias-Angerer-Loipe opens out right after the start into a fabulous mountain panorama.

Tobias Angerer
former German cross country ski racer