Cross-country ski hotels in Germany

The Cross Country Ski Holidays hotels in Germany set quality through expertise as their top priority. In southern Bavaria, especially the regions of Chiemgau and Berchtesgadener Land, there are ideal places for cross-country skiing holidays, with hotels near to the trails, detailed, expert information offered by the hosts, and a comprehensive information service available from local experts.

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Hotel Bergblick Nordic Fit

Germany / Bavaria / Scheidegg / Scheidegg



price from € 199.00 p.P.


valid to 2018-03-31

from € 199.00 p.P.

4 nights / Widderstein Hochgrat

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4 x Übernachtung mit Frühstück

1 x Winterlaglaufkarte

1 x Massage

1 x Xenofit Paket

Allgäu Walser Karte mit vielen Ermäßigungen

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