Cross Country Ski Holidays

The cross-country skiing boom! Cross-country skiing is one of the most healthy sports there is, combining exercise with an appreciation of scenery in a unique way, and has grown to become a real trend in recent years. The sport involves using 90% of the body’s muscles, whilst being easy on the joints, and improves stamina, strength, and coordination. What’s more, training takes place out in the fresh air in fabulous winter scenery, regardless of whether you are a serious athlete or just doing it as a leisure activity, with friends from your fitness club, or together with your family.

The experts in our selected “Cross Country Ski Holidays” hotels and cross-country skiing regions know what makes a successful cross country skiing holiday, and expertise and individual service are at the top of the list.

The best hotels and special offers for racing fans!

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Top offers for cross-country-ski fans

Cross-country skiing regions

Cross-country skiing holidays in Austria, Germany, and Italy.

Come and marvel at the fabulous snowy winter scenery!

The motivation for cross-country skiing is as diverse as the athletes themselves: From a professional athlete, an amateur runner, a variety-seeking skier to a curious newcomer - you’ll find everyone on the trails.

Here’s where choose your cross-country skiing holiday region:

Get to know the best Cross Country Ski Slopes

Get to know the best Cross Country Ski Slopes